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Black Is Gold!


The most common way women give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any! Make-up and styling done me! xoxo Ekene Patience
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DSCF1288 DSCF1291 DSCF1292


Happy Weekend Loves!

Hello my beautiful friends! I hope you all are having a Fabulous weekend! Few months ago, A photographer came to my home in Zeeland in The Netherlands. We made these amazing pictures. The Look with African head gear was inspired by the famous Iman owner of Iman Cosmetics. She has a similar picture which I recreated. I am wearing a brown lens, Purple lipstick called Heroine from Mac.
Make-up and styling done by me.!
I love wearing african outfit because, I am a Nigerian and Nigerians love wearing Gele.
I am a Photo Model and A Makeup Artist in The Netherlands!
I hope you are inspired.
Ekene Patience

EJW-Diana-Jan 2015(4) EJW-Diana-Jan 2015(8) EJW-Diana-Jan 2015(31) EJW-Diana-Jan 2015(32) EJW-Diana-Jan 2015(33) EJW-Diana-Jan 2015(35) EJW-Diana-Jan 2015(36) EJW-Diana-Jan 2015(46).cr2


Happy Weekend my beautiful friends!

Be Happy, Be bright, Be you! Makeup and Styling done by me! xoxo Ekene Patience. New video on my channel

MAAS3503 02-6-15

beauties!! I hope everyone is having a great week so far!! Mine is going well! There is summer in The Netherlands.  Today is about 35 degree. I had a fabulous shoot today. I am wearing a lingerie set from Hunke moller . New video will be up on my channel later today.

I hope you guys enjoy the video! I will have another one up tomorrow or friday!


Stay beautiful!

Ekene Patience


Hello my amazing friends!

I hope you all are ready for the weekend!

Today I decided to share with you some of my African Stylish Look!


I love wearing Gele because it reminds me of my root.

Living in The Netherlands does not make me forget where I come from.

I love being African and I do encourage all the beautiful African Ladies and gentle men  out there to be happy and proud of their country and Origin.

Africa especially Nigeria where I come from is rich will culture!

Nigeria is the richest Economy in Africa!

I did my make-up and Styling.

Most of the Gele am wearing is from Nigeria.

I bought the Orange Long Dress from

The white dress is from Jane Norman.

I used Mac products for my Make-up concealer, foundation and lipstick!

My accessories is from

I love you!

stay fabulous


Ekene Patience

DSC08239 DSC07832

1653520_544105272371841_1576750165_n 1010390_533087743473594_711071222_n - Copy







Hello my beautiful friends, in year 2014, I made these awesome pictures, whereby I did my styling and make-up myself.
For my makeup, I used my favourite makeup brands such as Mac Concealer, Mac foundation, Mary kay Powder, Make-Up studio, Mac blush, YSL red lipstick which i usually buy at  De bijenkorf in The Netherlands. The black and white dress is from

These lovely pictures were made by a very talented photographer from Gent Belgium who came to my home in Zeeland in The Netherlands to shoot me.
My pretty little bag is by Michael Kors. it very cute and durable

I am a Photo model, Make-up artist and beauty consultant in The Netherlands.
I enjoy and feel happy making lovely pictures!
I hope these photos inspires you!
I love you

EKene Patience

exp 20141129-1-2

exp 20141129-2

exp 20141129-46

exp 20141129-67

exp 20141129-77

exp 20141129-25

exp 20141129-82

I love doing Manicure and Pedicure for myself and others too. Today I did a lovely manicure , I used OPI red polish I bought from Sephora in Paris when I went on holidays few months ago.

You don’t need professional tools to get a good manicure, and it doesn’t take more than half an hour once you get the hang of it. Stick with it, take your time, and turn on some good music or television while you work. (If Spotifyis available in your country, you need it.) You’ll often find me drinking a tasty beer while I’m painting my nails, and there’s no rule that each step needs to be done immediately after the preceding step (except for washing your hands after using nail polish remover).

Don’t think of it as a chore and enjoy!

I love you!


Ekene Patience



Hello my amazing friens, I am a Nigerian model living in The Netherlands If you cannot do anything about it, Let it go! Do not be a prisoner of things you can’t change! Have a blessed day my amazing friends! xoxo Ekene Patience.



IMG_5126 IMG_5044


Shine bright, because you are beautiful like diamonds in the sky! Stay beautiful! I love you


Ekene Patience





Beauty Shoot in Rotterdam,The Netherlands!

Make-up and styling done by me


Try to love yourself as much as you want someone else to ! Makeup and styling by Ekene Patience I I Wishing you all a fabulous weekend! xoxo

2D7K2239 2D7K2243 2D7K2277 2D7K2278 2D7K2307 2D7K2319

Manicure By Ekene Patience

My customer was very pleased with her manicure! She had her nails done at before leaving for her trip to Portugal! Please contact me if you need to make your nails look more fabulous! xoxo Ekene Patience

 DSC01012 DSC01013  DSC01015  DSC01017  DSC01019 DSC01020

Hello my beautiful friends, I hope you all are doing well! My client was very happy with is pedicure today! Happy Feets, Happy Life! xoxo Ekene Patience

my accesories is from

DSC01761DSC01760 DSC01762 DSC01763

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